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Meet the Owners of Gypsy Disc Golf

Gypsy Disc Golf set up at Sunlight Mountain Resort

Brandon Hesser and Vanessa Porterfield

             Brandon is originally from Illinois, moved to Colorado in 2005 where he fell in love with the mountains.  He has been a mechanic since 2002 and in 2007 he met Vanessa and they fell in love.  During this year they started disc golfing and Brandon was in love with this new found sport.  Over the next years he played more and more when one day Brandon and Vanessa were talking about how there is a very small selection of disc golf merchandise locally.  The idea came up that what if they were able to sell at courses and tournaments thus Gypsy Disc Golf came alive.

              Vanessa is a Colorado native she moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2000 for college and became a ski instructor for kids.  This is something she loves to do and is still doing it today.  She started working for Napa in 2007 and found her true talent in merchandising.  When Brandon and her talked about this store she was excited to expand on her merchandising talent.  While researching stuff about disc golf she found a program called EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience) to teach children how to disc golf.  This was a great complement to her winter sport so they decided to add that to their business.